Slate Roofing: A Complete Guide


Few materials for roofing can compare to slate’s enduring beauty and toughness. Slate roofing should be on your list of options if you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading your roof in Nottingham. One of the earliest roofing materials utilised as civilisation spread around the globe is slate roofing shingles, which are dug from the earth. Fine clay is squeezed into shale and then eventually becomes slate as a result of the weight of the ground. The complete overview of choosing slate roofer in Nottingham will be covered in this article.


Pros And Cons Of Slate Roofing

Slate roofs have advantages and disadvantages, just like any other roofing material. They will be discussed in this section.


  • Slate is a lovely roofing material.
  • It is known for being applied to the most admired homes.
  • One of the strongest roofing tiles on the market is this one.
  • A natural product, that is.
  • Because it can be recycled, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Slate has a built-in resistance to fire.
  • It resists being infested by insects.


  • Heavy is slate. A new home’s roof needs to be constructed to support the weight (which can be up to four times that of asphalt shingles).
  • Have an engineer examine your roof structure if you’re adding a new roof to an existing house to see if it can support the added weight. A structure’s additional support requirements may have a significant impact on the project’s cost.
  • The installation will require a slate expert. Slate installation is not a job for regular roofers.
  • Slate is brittle yet being sturdy. Damage can be done by heavy things.
  • Since the same tools would be required to reach the roof and execute the repairs, slate roofing specialists will have to handle them.

8 Different Colours of Synthetic Slate Roofing

When creating synthetic slate, it was crucial to offer a variety of colours that would capture the essence of traditional slate and give designers more tools to create the ideal aesthetic in addition to ensuring that it had the same look and durability as traditional slate. Here are 8 synthetic slate colour examples and how they work with contemporary architecture:

  • Arendale
  • Light Arendale
  • Onyx
  • Welsh
  • Atlantic 
  • Washington 
  • Victorian
  • Cottage


Tips To Maintain Slate roofing 

You must be aware of potential maintenance problems if you’re building a natural slate tile roof. The first installation is expensive, so you should take the following precautions to safeguard your investment:

  • Every year, a visual inspection of the outside should be performed to look for any missing, misaligned, cracked, or broken tiles. Ideally, you should do this using a drone camera, cherry picker, binoculars, or from the ground.
  • Your roof structure is under a lot of stress from a slate roof, which can weigh more than 100 pounds per square foot. A few times a year, you should perform a visual inspection of the attic’s rafters to make sure everything is in order. Look for any stains or wood decay that can indicate leaks.
  • Regularly check gutters and downspouts to make sure the water is flowing easily through them and that they are clear.

Only roofers in Nottingham with installation competence with slate tiles should do maintenance. Real slate tiles can break or split when walked on improperly, endangering persons on the roof. So, make sure you call us to get the services from the best roofers in Nottingham.