Locate the Leak

Before considering repairs for your flat roof we will need to identify the location of the leak plus the extent of the damage and the best method to fix it. Flat roofs are built up from a number of laters which include roofing felt, tar and rubber membrane. Typically the damage will be easy to spot on the roofing and in turn the source of the leak.

Once the leak is located and the damage has been assessed we will check for any excess water from the leak and start mopping this up and drying the area (if possible). Jacob James Roofing would recommend having this task completed following a few dry days to allow the roofing felt to dry out effectively.

Repairing Flat Roof Leaks

A roofing repair specialist such as Jacob James Roofing provides a more detailed eye plus we can identify different types of leaks and damages that need different repairs. One of the most common repairs for flat roof leaks is blisters, which we will discuss next.

Blisters Explained

Blisters can happen in small areas of a flat roof, but your whole roof does not need to be repaired when this happens. They occur on the surface of flat roofs when moisture builds up in the roofing material. This can be fixed by using a utility knife to cut the blister down the middle, with extra care taken to ensure the roofing material underneath is not cut into.
Our repairs team will continue to cut around the edges of the blister and place your thumbs at the edges of the blister. We will then apply pressure to the area and move thumbs towards the centre to squeeze out the excess water. This will then need to be mopped up using a rag or towel to dry the areas as best as possible.

Now that your roof is free from water, we will apply a large amount of roof cement on the lower edges of the loose felt and press down on the blister. Blisters can be sealed by nailing each edge of the slit closed using galvanised roofing nails.

Other Issues to Consider

Other issues to look out for when fixing a leaking roof are roofing felt that needs removing plus condensation issues. If your roofing has not had any leaking problems regularly, we would recommend having it checked by a roofing specialist twice a year to look for signs of weaknesses and any issues that could get worse in the coming months.

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