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From general wear and tear to inclement weather, roofs go through a lot. You may have got to the point where it is not viable to repair your roof and instead a totally new roof may be needed. Alternatively, you may be undertaking a new build project and require new roof services in Nottingham or East Midlands. At Jacob James Roofing, we’re on hand for roofing services spanning repairs through to totally new roofs. To speak to us about our services, contact us today.

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We guarantee that our professional teams always go above and beyond to deliver the very best customer care. Neglecting your roof can be risky business. Not only is a dilapidated roof a very real safety risk, it can also leave the rest of your home (and your possessions) vulnerable to water damage. What’s more, if you are looking to sell your home problems with your roof can affect its value, which may mean you don’t get the asking price you are looking for.

Why Choose Jacob James Roofing?

Our professional and reliable roofing solutions are available to residents and business across Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands. We pride ourselves on delivering: High-quality roof installation Thorough repairs Excellent materials Second-to-none customer service Alongside full Public Liability Insurance, all our work is fully guaranteed and underwritten by the Confederation of Roofing Contractors for complete peace of mind.

Signs You May Need A New Roof

The choice to have a new roof may just be an aesthetic one. Over time, roofs naturally weather which can make your home look run down and old. Alternatively, you may notice signs that indicate there is a problem which could lead to serious issues over time.

Here are a few signs that your roof may need to be replaced or repaired:

Damp or Water Damage

There are many reasons why you might have damp or water damage in your home. A problem with your roof could be one of them. If you notice any watermarks or mildew in the upper floors of your home it could be a sign that you need a new roof or roof repairs are required.

Holes in the roof or problems with guttering, fascias or soffits could be a cause of damp and should be looked at to maintain the structural integrity of your property and prevent illness in any residents within the building.

Moss Growth

Mould or moss growing on your roof isn’t always a surefire indicator that there’s a problem, however, it could lead to one. If moss is growing in between tiles it can force them apart and allow water to get in.

When this happens, you could experience damp in your property and roof replacement may be required.

Loose Tiles

A couple of loose roof tiles may only need replacing. But if there are significant amounts, it may be more cost-effective to replace the whole roof rather than continue with repairs as the problem gets worse.


If your roof is sagging in areas, then it’s a clear warning sign that there is a structural problem. This is often caused by large amounts of water getting into the roof space from either blocked guttering, damaged soffits and fascias, or something else.

If you notice that your roof is sagging it most definitely will need looking at by an expert to ensure the safety of the property.

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