Roofing Repairs

The roof on our homes and businesses is the first line of defence our family and belongings have from mother nature. This means that they withstand high winds, heavy downpours, freezing temperatures and scorching suns, we can’t expect them to go without needing the occasional repair. Roofing repairs can vary greatly depending on the style of the roof and the extent of the damage. Something as small as a crack in a tile on the outside can cause unseen damage to the rafters underneath, while a larger hole in your roof, may have caused no further damage if it is caught in time. Jacob James Roofing have a team of experienced roofing repair specialists in Chesterfield who are on hand to make quick work of your roofing repairs and have you worry-free in no time. New Roofs It is not always possible to repair your roof. There are a number of circumstances that we would consider a roof inappropriate or uneconomical to repair, but our team will always advise you of the best choice for you and repair where we can. A new roof will ensure that your property is fully protected from the elements while giving your house a new lease of life. If it is that your roof is past its best, here at Jacob James Roofing, we are experts in a number of roofing styles including flat roofing and tiled roofs.

Commercial Roofing

When it comes to your business, an damaged or leaking roof can be detrimental to business, especially if it is left to worsen or inappropriately prepared. Our team of experts are on hand to ensure that your roof is repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand how important it is to keep your business going, even when necessary repairs or replacements are underway. The team of professionals that we have, ensure to keep all disruption to a minimum where possible, allowing you to continue trading with as much normality as the job will allow. This includes keeping any mess to a minimum and tidying as we go. Additional Services As roofing specialists, we also offer the surrounding services to give you the complete package in one place. While your roof may be the first line of defence against bad weather, your guttering soffits and facias will ensure that your house is completely protected against the elements. Guttering helps to collect the rainfall that drains from your roof and stop it from hitting the sides of your house, which would become weathered far quicker should this not be in place. When your guttering becomes disconnected, or cracks start to show, investing in new guttering can help to return this protection, and maybe stop that annoying drip. Your facias and soffits can be considered just as important as not having a leak in your roof. These are in place to protect the sides and underneath of your roof where it joins your building. Without these in place, not only the elements but also wildlife can get into your roof space and cause damage. Over time, these can move or become damaged, to retain protection for our home, discuss replacements with our team. Here at Jacob James Roofing, we offer a no-obligation quote service, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. So if your Chesterfield roof requires attention, please get in touch with our friendly team today and we can you booked in at a time and date to suit you. Make a booking with us today to make the most of our 20% off deal and save even further on the cost of your new roof or roof repair in Chesterfield.